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Frying pans are a kitchen staple that almost everyone has in their home. Pans are used to prepare so many different types of food, from eggs to burgers and everything in between. Some people prefer stainless steel, while others enjoy nonstick skillets. For Canadians, it’s widely believed that the best frying pan is one that can do it all. Whether you’re cooking breakfast, lunch, or dinner, your versatile pan can be used to prepare every meal.

We tested many different types of pans to find out which ones were the best for all kinds of cooking. No matter what you are looking for, there is sure to be a frying pan on this list that will meet your needs and expectations!



If you’re looking to buy a new frying pan, you’re in the right place. Below, we have listed the best frying pans available in Canada. You can use this guide to help you decide which one is the best for your needs.

  • Material: The first thing to think about is the material. Some people prefer stainless steel, while others prefer nonstick pans. If you’re not sure which one you want, we’ve included a few of each material on this list.
    Size of the Pan: Next, you’ll want to think about the size of the pan. Do you need a small pan for a single egg or a large pan for frying up a burger? We’ve got pans of all sizes on this list, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your needs.
  • The shape: The frying pan comes in two main types of shapes: curved or straight-edged. Which shape you choose is going to depend on your needs. If you need a lot of space to move around, then a curved pan might be the right fit for you. If you want to keep things simple, then a straight-edged pan might be the best option.
    The handle: Your comfort level will play a big part in choosing a frying panhandle. A good handle design will help you to maneuver the pan easily. Some pans come with silicone grips, while others come with wooden handles that are easy to grip.
  • Price: Finally, you’ll also want to think about the price. Frying pans can range in price from around $10 to $300, so you’ll want to find one that fits your budget.



OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Fry Pan

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OXO Good Grips 10-inch Non-Stick Pro Open Fry Pan in Canada
  • The pan is oven safe up to 430°F/220°C.
  • The 3-layer nonstick coating is durable and dishwasher safe.
  • The pan is scratch-resistant, PFOA-free, and compatible with most stovetops.
  • The rolled edges of the product offer drip-free pouring.
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A good nonstick pan is hard to find, and an excellent nonstick pan that doesn’t cost a lot is even harder to find. We tried OXO Good Grips Nonstick Frying Pan and found it our favorite nonstick pan around.

The overall design of the pan is excellent with its wide, flat base and a contoured, comfortable handle. The flat bottom allows for even heating across the entire cooking surface. The handle is sturdy and comfortable to hold. We like that it stays cool while cooking on the stovetop, as some handles get pretty hot.

The nonstick coating is excellent and does not require additional butter or oil to prevent sticking. It has superior heat distribution so that you can cook evenly. Furthermore, this nonstick skillet is washed easily by hand or in the dishwasher. At around $40, this is excellent nonstick cookware that we highly recommend.

Lodge 12-Inch Carbon Steel Skillet

Lodge 12-Inch Seasoned Carbon Steel Skillet is an excellent product for the price! It’s carbon steel, which means it can be used over an open fire, electric stove, charcoal grill, or indoors on your glass top range. It’ll also last for years and years.

This pan is made from an alloy of carbon and steel, and it’s pre-seasoned with a vegetable oil coating. That means you can start cooking with it right out of the box. The lightweight design and long, comfortable handle make it easy to use and maneuver from the stove to the table.

CAROTE 8 Inch Nonstick Frying Pan with Granite Coating

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CAROTE 8 Inch Nonstick Skillet Frying Pan with Granite Coating in Canada
  • It requires less oil for cooking.
  • Suitable for all stovetops.
  • Aesthetically beautiful wooden handle.
  • Durable and Eco-friendly granite coating.
  • Dishwasher-safe.
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CAROTE 8 Inch Nonstick Skillet Frying Pan is a solid tool for the kitchen. The skillet is manufactured by CAROTE, a reliable and well-known brand in making kitchen appliances, now offering a wide range of nonstick cookware and bakeware. This nonstick skillet is made with Diecast and a durable Eco-friendly Granite coating.

The granite coating on this pan is much safer than using Teflon or other harmful coatings. The nonstick coating is very smooth and easy to clean. It’s also very versatile and can be used on gas, electric, glass, and ceramic stovetops. The wooded handle ensures a safe and comfortable grip. Furthermore, this pan is available at a great price, and it can be used as a frying pan, saucepan, and stockpot.

All-Clad D3 Stainless Steel Tri-Ply Bonded, 12-Inch Fry Pan with Lid

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All-Clad D3 Stainless Steel Tri-Ply Bonded, 12-Inch Fry Pan with Lid in Canada
  • It features a highly polished design with a starburst finish.
  • 3-ply bonded construction offers maximum durability even heat distribution.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty backs the product.
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This All-Clad Stainless Steel Fry Pan with Lid is the perfect tool for cooking eggs or frying smaller portions of chicken breasts, steaks, and fish. The 12″ diameter is large enough to hold a dozen fried eggs or fry up to six chicken breasts at once.

The Fry Pan is constructed with a responsive aluminum core and two layers of stainless steel which spreads the heat evenly across the bottom of the pan. The base is thick enough that it will not warp under normal usage. This helps to ensure a consistent cooking temperature and prevents the formation of hotspots, which can cause food to stick or scorch.

The pan is broiler and oven-safe up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, making it an excellent choice for recipes that require cooking at high temperatures. The riveted stainless steel handle remains cool to the touch, even when the pan is hot, and has a loop for hanging. The flared sides of the pan make it easy to flip food without messing.

Mauviel M’Heritage M250C Copper Frying Pan

The Mauviel M’Heritage Copper Round Frying Pan is also a little pricey, so quality is a must. With copper being one of the more expensive metals, it’s no surprise that you’re paying more than you would for a regular frying pan.

However, copper heats and cools much faster than other metals, so you’re able to adjust the temperature much more quickly and easily. It’s also a great conductor of heat, so your food will cook all the way evenly through. Additionally, copper doesn’t corrode or tarnish over time, so your pan will look just as good as the day you bought it.

The handle of this pan is made with cast stainless steel and has an iron electroplated finish that offers a good grip and a beautiful look. Plus, the Mauviel M’Heritage Copper Round Frying Pan comes with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects.

GreenPan SmartShape Ceramic Frying Pan

GreenPan is a company that thrives on quality and innovation. They use their ceramic nonstick knowledge to create healthy, appealing, and modern cookware, and this pan is no exception.

SmartShape Ceramic Nonstick is one of their top-selling pans for a good reason. It is a durable and quality product that is perfect for everyday use. The aluminum core provides even heat distribution while the soft-grip silicone base prevents sticking. The ceramic nonstick coating is also PTFE and PFOA free making it a healthier option.

SmartShape’s Magneto Induction Base makes this pan an excellent choice for induction cooktops. The pan is oven safe up to 320°F, making it a versatile option for all your cooking needs. The price is also very reasonable, making this one of the best nonstick pans available in Canada.

Gotham Steel Non-Stick Frying Pan

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Gotham Steel 11″ Non-Stick Fry Pan Titanium and Ceramic Copper Coating in Canada
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Ceramic and titanium composite coating
  • 500-degree Oven safe
  • Dishwasher safe
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This Gotham Steel 11-inch Nonstick Fry Pan has a ceramic and titanium composite coating that allows the pan to deliver optimal durability and performance. The nonstick properties make it easy to cook healthier meals while using less oil and butter, while the ergonomic handle provides a comfortable, secure grip.

The Gotham Steel Nonstick Fry Pan is safe for use in the oven up to 500 degrees and is dishwasher safe. The lightweight design makes it easy to store and transport, while aluminum composition ensures even heat distribution for consistent cooking. The manufacturer also claims that metal kitchen utensils such as knives and spoons will not damage the nonstick surface.

8- Ninja C30026 Foodi Never stick Premium Hard-Anodized Fry Pan

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Ninja C30026 Foodi Never stick Premium Hard-Anodized 10.25 Inch Fry Pan in Canada
  • The heavy-gauge 4.5 mm aluminum base offers improved heat retention
  • It is designed to withstand aggressive scrubbing
  • Double-riveted handles for strength and maneuverability
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The Ninja Foodi 10.25 inch fry pan is another best nonstick pan with an easy-to-clean surface. It is made of hard-anodized aluminum, which makes it strong and long-lasting. It also has a cool-touch handle that makes it safe to use. The premium, solid stainless steel handle is also comfortable to grip, and the pan does not get too hot when cooking on the stove.

NeverStick Technology of the Ninja Foodi fry pan ensures that your food will not stick, no matter what you are cooking. The nonstick coating is also metal-utensil safe and PFOA-free. The pan is oven safe up to 500 degrees F and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

The Ninja Foodi fry pan has a 10.25-inch diameter and is perfect for cooking various foods. The pan’s deep sides make it great for cooking omelets, bacon, and sausage. The product is also backed by the 10 Year Guarantee, making it a risk-free purchase.


9- Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Fry Pan

This Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Fry Pan is another high-quality product that is meant to last a long time. If you follow the instructions and use them as intended, you will enjoy this product.

The pan is made from hard-anodized aluminum, which makes it very durable. In addition to that, it has a nonstick surface which makes cooking a lot easier. It also comes with a 10-inch cooking surface which can be large enough for many different types.

The skillet’s interior includes three layers of nonstick coating, which are designed to last. It is also PFOA-free which is an essential consideration for many people. The handle’s ergonomic design makes it very easy to grip and hold. The stainless steel base is also designed to distribute heat evenly across the cooking surface.


10- Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Frying Pan

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Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Crepe Pan with Rateau and Spatula, 10.7 in Canada
  • The pan comes with a colorful, long-lasting enamel exterior
  • The smooth cooking surface is easy to clean and nonstick
  • A limited lifetime warranty backs up the product
  • Enameled cast iron construction of the pan offers even heat distribution and prevents sticking
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Le Creuset is one of the oldest and most reputable kitchenware brands globally. Founded in 1925, it has been a leader in innovation for decades. The Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Crepe Pan is a beautiful addition to any kitchen’s cookware collection.

This pan comes with two tools: a spatula and a rateau (also known as a turner). The spatula and rateau are made of stainless steel and have riveted wooden handles. The enameled cast-iron makes the pan easy to clean, and the beautiful cerise color adds a touch of luxury to your kitchen. This crepe pan is oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used on all types of cooktops, including induction.

The pan features a smooth, circular cooking surface that is perfect for making crepes, pancakes, omelets, and more. The 11-inch size is ideal for smaller quantities, and the round shape ensures even cooking. The flared sides make it easy to flip your food without slipping off the pan.


11- Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Iron Handle Skillet

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Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Iron Handle Skillet, 11.75″ in Canada
  • The enamel interior of the pan resists sticking, staining, and dulling
  • The colorful enamel finish is both attractive and durable
  • The nonstick cooking surface requires no additional seasoning or oil
  • The product is dishwasher safe for fast and convenient cleanup
  • It is also Metal utensils and oven-safe up to 500°F
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A Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet is the ultimate cooking vessel for preparing and serving favorite dishes. The enameled cast iron construction provides excellent heat retention, even when cooking on medium or low heat, making it ideal for slow-cooked dishes like roasts and stews. Its unique handle design features a permanent large loop helper handle that can be easily lifted from the side of the pan.

This heavyweight fry pan requires little or no butter or oil for cooking, and the even heat distribution cooks food evenly. The colorful, chip-resistant enamel finish is durable and easy to clean.


12- Anolon Nouvelle Stainless Stainless Steel Frying Pan

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Anolon Nouvelle Stainless Stainless Steel Frying Pan with Lid, 12 Inch in Canada
  • The polished stainless steel construction of the pan is non-reactive
  • A multi-layer metal base offers even heat distribution and exceptional cooking performance
  • The product is compatible with all cooktops, including induction
  • This pan also includes a lid for efficient cooking
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Anolon Nouvelle stainless is a famous cookware manufacturer with a reputation for making durable, high-quality cookware. This particular Anolon model is no exception. It boasts a beautiful satin finish, and the handle stays cool on the stove. The frying pan can be used on gas, electric, and induction cooktops – perfect for anyone who’s constantly switching between the three.

The Anolon Nouvelle stainless steel frying pan comes with a lid to trap in heat, moisture, and flavor while cooking your food. The product features a Five-Layer Metal Base that distributes heat evenly and quickly. You can sauté, fry, or sear your food with this bad boy, and it is oven safe to 500°F.

Furthermore, the cookware is dishwasher safe and comes with an elegant, dual riveted handle that makes it comfortable to grip.


13- VICTORIA Cast Iron Egg Skillet Pre-Seasoned

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VICTORIA Cast Iron Egg Skillet – Individual Tapas Pan, Pre-Seasoned in Canada
  • Deep and wide cooking surface allows you to sear, bake, and fry better
  • Victoria Cast Iron Egg Skillet is available in multiple shapes and sizes
  • The skillet is pre-seasoned and nonstick, making it easy to use and clean
  • The Contoured Pour-Spouts design also helps with draining the contents of the skillet without making a mes
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The best way to cook eggs is with a cast iron pan, and cast iron pans are best for creating the evenest heat for cooking. Victoria’s Cast Iron Egg Skillet is the perfect size for individual tapas, and it has an extra deep rim to hold more ingredients.

This pan can also be used on gas, oven, campfire, grill stoves, and induction cooktops. This skillet comes with a curved, long, and ergonomic handle that makes it easy to grip and prevents you from burning your hands. The Victoria Cast Iron Egg Skillet is also pre-seasoned with 100% Non-GMO Flaxseed Oil, giving it a nonstick finish.

Furthermore, the product also features a Contoured Pour-Spouts design that helps with drizzling and pouring liquids out of the skillet without making a mess. The Victoria Cast Iron Egg Skillet is a fantastic, top-quality product perfect for all your cooking needs.


14- JEETEE Nonstick Frying Pan with Granite Coating 

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JEETEE Nonstick 11 inch Omelette Skillet is made of aluminum alloy and has a high-quality medical stone coating. The coating has certifications from the FDA, BSCI & LFGB, ensuring that it is safe to use and scratch-resistant. The skillet has a soft-touch wood effect bakelite handle that remains cool to the touch even when the pan is used, making it easy to grip.

The JEETEE Nonstick Omelette Skillet measures 11 inches in diameter, which is pretty large compared to other nonstick pans. The size is ideal for making omelets, fried eggs, pancakes, and many more. Only a tiny amount of oil or butter is needed to cook food in this skillet, making it a healthy option. The nonstick surface ensures that food doesn’t stick, making it easy to clean.

Furthermore, the flat bottom of the JEETEE Nonstick Omelette Skillet allows for even cooking, while the ridges on the sides help to create those perfect crisp edges. The product is suitable for ceramic, induction, gas, electric & infrared cookers.


15- Gotham Steel Nonstick Frying Pan

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Gotham Steel Nonstick Titanium & Ceramic Coating – 5.5″ in Canada
  • The product is 100% PFOA, lead, and cadmium Free and it will never release toxic fumes.
  • Dishwasher Safe for easy cleanup
  • The ultra-nonstick coating provides the ultimate nonstick cooking experience without using any oil
  • The product is also Oven safe up to 500° F
  • The affordable price makes it a great buy
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The Gotham Steel Mini Egg and Omelet Pan is a simple but effective kitchen tool. Aluminum composition ensures that the pan is light and durable, while the Ti-Cerama coating provides excellent heat transfer and is a healthy feature in any kitchen.

The rubber grip handle of this mini egg pan makes it comfortable to use. The compact design of this stovetop pan means that it can be placed in any kitchen with ease. This pan is an excellent option for those who want a small (5.5″) but effective pan to make eggs and omelets in. Because it is smaller than other pans, it is easier to store than larger pans. The price is also reasonable, making it a great value.

Furthermore, the nonstick coating is reinforced with diamond-like particles, making it durable and safe for metal utensils.


We have introduced you to some of the best frying pans available in the market today. We hope you can find one that meets your individual needs and preferences. Before you buy, though, you need to know a little more information about frying pans.


What Are the Different Types of Pan Materials?

There are several different types of pan materials, each with its own unique properties. These materials include aluminum, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, nonstick, and carbon steel, to name a few.

Each type of pan material has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The kind of pan material you choose will depend on your budget, how much you plan to cook, and how much effort you want to exert. Here is a brief description of each type:

1- Aluminum Pans

Aluminum is a popular choice for cookware, It’s cheap, easy to work with, durable, and its weight is mostly in its diameter, so it’s easily transportable. Furthermore, two types of aluminum are beneficial in fry pans: anodized aluminum and non-anodized aluminum.

Anodized aluminum pans are often labeled nonstick, but they’re more versatile than you think; their performance as a cooking medium is just as good as any other type of pan. Anodized aluminum pots and pans are usually coated in some finished form to make them easier to clean.

2- Ceramic Pans:

Ceramic is a versatile material used for both cookware and bakeware. Its surface is very smooth, requiring little to no oil to cook, and it’s almost too smooth to scorch food. Because it has no pores, you won’t lose any nutrients.

Cooking with ceramic coatings is best because they retain heat well and distribute it across the dish. This means your meat will be cooked to perfection, and your veggies will stay crispy. Furthermore, the material is resistant to heat, so you can use high heat without the risk of burning or overcooking your food.

3- Stainless steel Pans:

Stainless steel is the best choice for beginners because it’s hard to damage, versatile, and will last for years when properly cared for. Furthermore, the material is rarely toxic, so you don’t have to worry about poisoning yourself or your kids. The only downside is that it’s usually not nonstick, requiring oil to cook.

4- Cast iron Pans:

Cast iron pans are similar to stainless steel but heavier, more expensive, and harder to care for. They retain heat well, so food continues to cook evenly. However, cast iron is a poor conductor of heat, so you’ll need a very high temperature to achieve any natural evaporation.

Cast iron pans can handle high temperatures, making them resistant to warping, chipping, and denting, but care should be taken not to go above ~370 degrees Fahrenheit.

5- Carbon Steel Pans:

Although not as popular as the other materials, carbon steel pans are still an excellent choice for beginners because they’re easy to care for, non-toxic, and last for years.

Carbon steel is a chunky, heavy metal that makes for great cookware, and it’s also very affordable. Because it’s so durable, you can use it for outdoor cooking, but it’s not recommended for indoor cooking because the pan’s weight can cause toppled pots and pans.

6- Copper Pans:

Copper is another durable material that works well for beginners. Copper pans conduct heat exceptionally well, so they’re perfect for making risotto and other creamy dishes. Copper is also highly responsive to temperature changes so that meals will be cooked to perfection in a few minutes.

However, copper pans must be lined with non-reactive materials such as stainless steel because copper is highly reactive to food’s natural minerals and acids.

7- Nonstick Pans:

Finally, high-quality, best nonstick pans make cooking easier and keep your hands clean. The ease of use and lack of oil make these pans perfect for cooking vegetables, making them an excellent option for health-conscious consumers. Their nonstick coatings also make them less likely to burn or stick. To prevent sticking, make sure the nonstick pan is well seasoned before using it.

However, the traditional nonstick cookware chemicals were toxic and likely raised health concerns. But now, most pans come with FDA-approved PTFE coatings that are safe and non-toxic.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are non-stick fry pans worth it?

A non-stick skillet is one of the most popular items in any kitchen. They have revolutionized the way we cook and made our lives easier. They are easy to clean and don’t leach toxins into your food. The main benefits of nonstick pans are that food doesn’t stick and can be easily removed from the pan.

So, a non-stick pan is a must-have because they make cooking eggs, pancakes, and sautéing vegetables a breeze. However, many people do not know how to take care of them, which can ruin the pan’s life span and even lead to serious health conditions. So, be sure to learn how to use and care for your non-stick pan so that it lasts for years.

Why are nonstick pans bad for you?

Nonstick pans are generally considered better than regular skillet or frying pans. The coating on nonstick pans makes food slide around quickly, and you don’t have to worry about ruining the pan by overheating it.

However, nonstick pans release toxic fumes at high temperatures (570°F/300°C). The fumes are released when the coatings break down and start to decompose. These fumes may cause polymer fume fever, a condition that may cause fever, shivering, sore throat, and weakness in your body. So, be sure to maintain the optimum temperature/heat setting for your nonstick pan.

What frying pans do professionals use?

Professional chefs look for durability, versatility, and ease of maintenance in a pan. They want a dedicated pan that can stand up to years of daily use without warping or rusting. So, it is a fairly common fact that most professional chefs prefer cast iron, copper, or carbon steel pans instead of a nonstick cookware set. Because they are durable and can withstand high temperatures, nonstick pans are less-than-favorite among professionals.

What is the safest non-stick material for cookware?

The best nonstick cookware is made with a ceramic coating. Ceramic is the only material that will not scratch or chip when appropriately used, and it’s completely inert and provides excellent food release. However, Cast iron, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Ceramic, and Copper are also entirely safe for use on cookware.



The world of cookware can be a bit overwhelming, with countless brands and options available to consumers. We’ve compiled a list of the best frying pans on the market today, along with an FAQ section and a buying guide that will help you make a more informed purchase.

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