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HP Elite Dragonfly Notebook PC

Best Lightweight Laptops in Canada

Available in Canada has hand-selected the very best lightweight laptops in Canada.  We’ve pulled together some of the best lightweight laptops around in order to show you the options. If you need more help making your decision, head over to our more in-depth reviews by clicking the product name.

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Lightest Laptop Overall

Well, one thing is certain. We are living in a time of transition for computing technology, and the new generations are sure to be surprised when they look back at how far we have come. Right now, this is not that visible on your average street, but rest assured that big changes are brewing under the surface. I'm talking about PCs that are becoming lighter and yet more powerful. In this review, we'll have a look at the HP Elite Dragonfly - a compact laptop that is less than 1 kilogram in weight - including the AC adapter!
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Apple's Most Lightweight Laptop

13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display delivers up to 2X faster performance than the previous generation. The best part of the MacBook is that it weighs just 1.08 kg and it is as thin as a pencil which makes it an ideal laptop for university goers or people who travel regularly, but the only drawback of the MacBook Air was that its processing power was considered slow because of using Core 2 Duo processor architecture which has been used in earlier versions of MacBook Air. But now with the launch of the new MacBook Air, this drawback has been covered by Apple. New MacBook Air is equipped with Intel's 4th generation Core i5 and i7 processors which are 20 times faster than the previous version. The only thing that remains the same in the new MacBook Air is its battery life but it runs for 12 hours on a single charge which is enough to make any high-end laptop lover happy.
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Microsoft's Lightest Laptop

Weighing at 1.14 kg / 2.51 lbs Microsoft Surface Laptop Go is Microsoft's lightest laptop yet. Microsoft has managed to shave off some weight from its original creation without sacrificing too much in the way of performance or battery life. Microsoft Surface laptops have been widely renowned for their excellent keyboard and outstanding Microsoft Precision Trackpad. Microsoft has kept the same excellent design on its new Laptop Go with a slightly smaller trackpad but still maintaining Microsoft's coveted keyboard and Microsoft Precision Trackpad that is unparalleled in the industry.
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How to Choose the Best Lightweight Laptop

If you are looking for a lightweight laptop then this guide is going to help. It has been created with the aim of helping you choose a lightweight laptop that will have the capabilities that you need. As not everyone needs exactly the same thing from their lightweight laptop, this guide also aims to be a little more flexible and give information about lightweight laptops in general.

  1. Know your needs – what kind of tasks will you be using the laptop for (web browsing, gaming, etc.)
  2. Evaluate your budget and find a laptop that fits into it
  3. Consider weight when choosing a laptop – if you plan to carry it around often or use it on the go then choose something light in weight
  4. Think about battery life and how long the charge lasts when purchasing a new laptop
  5. Size matters! Laptops come in all different sizes so make sure to measure out where you want to place the computer before buying one
  6. Check out reviews online from other consumers who have purchased similar laptops as well as expert reviews before making your final decision on which lightweight laptop is best for you!
  7. Make sure to get insurance for your new purchase – this can help cover any accidents that happen while carrying or transporting the device!
  8. Be aware of what operating system is available on each model and know which ones are compatible with certain programs and software suites like Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc…
  9. Ask yourself these questions before purchasing a lightweight laptop: What size screen do I need?, How much storage space do I need
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