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Do you like to play video games? Maybe you’re into racing games or first-person shooters? If so, you need a good gaming chair to help you stay comfortable for hours on end. Anda Seat Kaiser 2 gaming chair is comfortable for long hours of sitting, and it has some great features that make it perfect for gamers (or anyone who spends a lot of time sitting).

According to the manufacturer, this comfortable and stylish chair is perfect for gamers of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, the Kaiser 2 will provide you with hours of gameplay enjoyment. With its premium PVC leather cover and comfortable foam filling, the AndaSeat Kaiser 2 chair is perfect for long gaming sessions. The adjustable backrest and height-adjustable armrests give you the perfect position, while the stylish fabric and sleek design will look great in any room.

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at this gaming chair. This chair claims to be the most advanced and comfortable gaming chair on the market, so let’s see if it lives up to that claim!

About the Anda Seat Company

Anda Seat is the leading brand in gaming chairs. The Anda Seat’s ergonomic designs and advanced technology provide gamers with the best possible experience. From North America to Europe, they’ve been favored by players and industry professionals alike.

Anda Seat’s AD+ Design was inspired by the latest tech on ergonomics and solid structures building that takes gaming to the next level by improving posture and ease over extended play sessions.

Furthermore, Anda Seat chairs are built to the highest safety and quality standards, ensuring that you can enjoy your gaming sessions for years to come. With a range of stylish designs to choose from, there’s an Anda Seat chair perfect for any gamer. Plus, the brand’s customer support service is available 24/7 to help you with whatever you need.

Purchasing Details of the Anda Seat Kaiser 2

With a generous $500 price tag, this chair is definitely not for the budget-conscious – but trust us, it’s worth every penny. Plus, it’s super easy to set up – all you need to do is add it to your cart and fill in the details, then pay $500 via Visa, Mastercard, Klarna, American Express, or Union Pay and presto – it’s yours! And don’t worry – the Anda Seat even throws in free delivery so you can start enjoying your new gaming throne right away.

Assembly of the Anda Seat Kaiser 2

The chair is easy to assemble – just follow the simple instructions mentioned in the user manual, and you’ll be up and gaming in no time! The brand also provides an assembly video that shows the complete step-by-step process, and with its included simple screw kit, you’ll be able to put this chair together in just 20-30 minutes.

Drawbacks of the Anda Seat Kaiser 2

The AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Gaming Chair is one of the most famous gaming or office chairs on the market. But is it really worth all the hype? Let’s take a closer look at some of its drawbacks.

First and foremost, this chair is not very comfortable. The fabric is stiff and scratchy, and the seat is quite hard. Second, it’s cumbersome and difficult to move around. Finally, it’s incredibly expensive compared to other gaming/office chairs on the market.

So while the Anda Seat Kaiser 2 Chair may be great for gamers who want an edge up on their competition, regular people would be better off looking for a more comfortable, affordable option.

Warranty and Refund Policy of the Anda Seat Kaiser 2

This brand new model is designed with ergonomics in mind and comes with a two-year limited warranty as well as a money-back refund policy. You can make a warranty claim within two years of your purchase only if you’re missing any materials from your chair at the time of delivery or if it’s defective in terms of manufacturing or doesn’t match the description provided by the brand when you placed your order.

Furthermore, the precision-manufactured, high-quality steel frame is covered by a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure it will last long and withstand even the most strenuous gaming sessions. However, the Anda Seat only provides refunds on unshipped products.

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Where to Buy

Where to Buy
9.4Expert Score
Best Gaming Chair for Larger or Tall Body Types

This selection is the best gaming chair for larger or taller body types due to the overall larger construction of the frame. The chair stands approximately 4 and a half feet from the floor, and the seat base sits at a comfortable height for taller people.

  • Lasting Comfort
  • Luxury Memory Foam Pillows
  • Design Options
  • None

Price History

Guide On the Best Gaming Chairs Available in Canada

Anyone who is more than just an occasional gamer knows how important it is to own the best gaming chair in Canada. However, with so many options available on the market, it’s nearly impossible to get the best one without spending some serious time researching. That’s why we have done the research for you. See our guide on the best gaming chairs in Canada to find the perfect gaming chair for your needs.

Key Features of the Anda Seat Kaiser 2 Gaming Chair

1- AD+ Design

AD+ Design of AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Chair is the perfect addition to your gaming setup! This chair features an AD+ design to improve your sitting health by reducing fatigue and discomfort. You’ll be able to game or work for hours on end without worrying about the negative effects of improper seating. Plus, it’s made with gamers in mind, so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to compete at your best.

2- DuraXtraAD+ Leather

The Andaseat Kaiser 2 is made from high-quality bonded PVC leather. This chair is scratch and stain-resistant, ensuring that it will last for years to come. The easy-to-clean surface means keeping your chair looking new with minimal effort. And thanks to the non-toxic construction, both adults and kids can enjoy hours of gaming in complete safety. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your next game in style with the DuraXtraAD+ Leather Gaming Chair.

3- SyncTilt AD+ Reclining Back

This premium chair reclines up to 160 degrees to find the perfect angle for your comfort. The heavy-duty tilt mechanism ensures that you’ll stay stable and comfortable while gaming without straining your muscles. The adjustable tilt tension mechanism also ensures that you can find the perfect level of support, while the locking system at 5 different positions keeps you in place when the action heats up.

4- AD+ Memory Pillows

The Andaseat Kaiser 2 comes with two memory foam pillows; a neck pillow, and a lumbar support pillow. These AD+ Memory Pillows conform to your body for unbeatable comfort and support. The responsive memory foam molds to the shape of your head, neck, and shoulders, while the softcover provides a plush feel. Not only do they contour to your body for ultimate comfort, but they also help improve your posture while you game or work.

5- 4D Adjustable Armrests

4D armrests on the Andaseat Kaiser 2 gaming chair offer personalized support and protection for your elbows, giving you the comfort and flexibility to stay focused and competitive. Gently adjust the armrests up and down, forwards and backward, and even tilt them to get the perfect fit. Plus, with a PVC leather-coated surface for firm support, these armrests will help keep you in the game longer.

6- TitanSteelAD+ Framework

The Andaseat Kaiser 2 chair is made with only the highest quality materials and construction, which will withstand even the most hardcore gaming sessions. It is made from 100% steel for a lifetime of use, and this chair also features a comfortable 22mm diameter steel frame and 2mm thick seamless steel construction. Plus, you’ll have plenty of room to relax with its XL size while enjoying your favorite games or movies.

7- Oc-TopsAD+ Aluminum Base

This chair has been designed and built to provide impressive stableness and durability, meaning you can focus on your game without being worried about your chair moving. This gaming chair is perfect for any PC gamer with a solid aluminum base and a comfortable design.

8- Height And Weight Recommendation

With a height capacity of up to 210cm and a weight capacity of 200kg, this chair is built to accommodate even the tallest and heaviest gamers.

9- Color Options

The AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Gaming Chair comes in two stylish color options, black and black & maroon, so you can choose the perfect one to fit your personality. With sleek black and maroon designs, these chairs are perfect for any gamer looking to add some personality to their setup. Not only do they look great, but they also provide ample comfort and support during long gaming sessions.

10- Accessories Included In the Box

This chair comes with an XL backrest and seat base, a heavy-duty class 4 gas piston, and a multi-functional tilt mechanism. The screw kit included in the box contains everything you need to secure your new gaming chair to your desired surface. With this easy-to-use kit, you’ll be able to have your new gaming chair up and running in no time!

You’ll also love the included XL head pillow and lumbar pillow, and the side cover and dust cover. Finally, this chair features two armrests and five XL universal casters for easy maneuverability.

11- 65mm PU Covered Wheel

Most gaming chairs of the Kaiser 2 series come with a 65mm PU covered wheel that makes it easy to move around. The high-end PVC leather is scratch and stain-resistant, making it easy to clean. The chair is designed for comfort, with a contoured back and ergonomic design.

12- Class 4 Hydraulic Nitrogen Pistons

The Andaseat Kaiser 2 is equipped with Class 4 hydraulic pistons and explosion-proof gas springs, ensuring that it’s both comfortable and safe. These pistons offer superior consistency, stability, and safety, making them the perfect choice for any gamer.

13- 74.4 pounds Weight

This chair is packing a whopping 74.4 pounds of weight – meaning it won’t move an inch when you’re gaming or reclining in style. You might be wondering if the weight of the Kaiser 2 chair is really something you need to worry about.

After all, it’s not like you’re going to be lugging this thing around very often. But trust us, when you’re sitting in this chair and feeling that rock-solid stability, you’ll be glad that it weighs as much as it does. Plus, who doesn’t love a good bit of extra heft?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ANDA Seat Gaming Chairs Good?

We think so. In fact, we’re pretty sure that Anda Seat gaming chairs are the best out there. Why? Well, for starters, they’re made with high-quality materials and construction that’s meant to last. Plus, they come with all the features you need to make your gaming experience as great as possible. If you’re looking for a new gaming chair that will keep you glued to your screen for hours on end, then these might just be the chairs for you!

Featuring an ergonomic design that supports your back and spine, ANDA Seat Gaming and office Chairs are perfect for marathon gaming sessions. Plus, the neck pillow and lumbar pillow make them extra cozy – perfect for long winter days spent indoors.

However, these chairs are high-end and expensive, so if you’re looking for something luxurious to spruce up your gaming experience, then these chairs might be perfect for you.


The Anda Seat Kaiser 2 is a great gaming chair with all the features you would expect in an ergonomic office-style seat. It’s not only comfortable, but it has good neck and lumbar support, so after hours of sitting, you won’t be sore or stressed out. The only thing that might throw some gamers off about this product is its price tag, but it’s well worth the investment!

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