Corsair T3 Rush Review in Canada

The Corsair T3 rush gaming chair is a well-designed, comfortable, durable product. It has many features that gamers will appreciate, including an ergonomic design to reduce back pain for those long hours playing your favorite game. One of the primary selling points of this product is its racing-inspired design, which allows the user to enjoy the thrill of speed and competition as they sit comfortably during gameplay. This review will cover all aspects of the chair, from its design and comfort to the assembly process.

About The Company

SECRETLAB is a company that has been making premium gaming chairs for over ten years now. They have offices in the United States, Canada, and Australia, with one central office located in Singapore, where they design their products from scratch.

Their chairs are made with gamers in mind, and they come packed with features that will make your gaming experience more comfortable. They also have a team of dedicated customer service agents who are available 24/7 to help you with whatever you need. Their goal is to create quality products without charging exorbitant prices, allowing every gamer to enjoy their products.

Assembly Of The Corsair T3 Rush Gaming Chair

The assembly process for this chair is super easy. There are only a few parts to attach, and they’re all clearly labeled, which makes assembly a breeze even for those who aren’t mechanically inclined. The instructions were clear, and the holes on each part of the chair lined up perfectly with no problems during assembly. It really is as simple as attaching four bolts, inserting the caster wheels, snapping the headrest into place, and attaching the armrests. The process took only 25 minutes to assemble the chair fully.

Price and Purchasing Details

The price of the T3 Rush is $320, which puts it much lower than similar chairs with this level of quality and performance. Corsair has an excellent reputation for making high-quality products, so you know your money will be well spent on this chair. You can purchase it directly from Corsair or other online and offline retailers.

Drawbacks of the Corsair T3 rush gaming chair

The drawbacks of this gaming chair are relatively small compared to the benefits.

  • The T3 Rush doesn’t have the premium features found in other gaming chairs, such as built-in lumbar support, Tilt Angle Lock, Premium PU leather, etc.
  • The 5-star base of the seat is made out of plastic instead of metal. After a long period of time, you can expect warping.
  • The casters are also made out of plastic, while most other gaming chairs have metal casters.
  • This model is only available in three colors. If you’re looking for a wide variety of color options or something that stands out from other chairs on the market, then you’ll be disappointed.
  • It is not recommended for people heavier than 120.0 kgs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Corsair T3 rush gaming chair comfortable?

Yes, the Corsair T3 Rush chair is upholstered with solid polyurethane leather, which should last for years without getting out of shape or tearing. The padding and backrest are very strong and supportive. The seat is large enough to allow most gamers to sit in it for hours without getting uncomfortable or complaining that their muscles hurt.

The Corsair T3 Rush gaming chair has a fairly high backrest which makes you feel relaxed when leaning your head on it. When you lean your head on the backrest, it doesn’t feel like it’s compressing your spine. It also has an adjustable back which can be adjusted to any position along with the height, armrests, lumbar support, and angle. So if you want to play games for hours or watch movies in extreme comfort, the Corsair T3 rush gaming chair may be the best choice.

Is Corsair T3 Rush Ergonomic?

Although it has the appearance of a racing car seat, this chair is ergonomic. One can find out by reading the features and customer reviews on Amazon. A high back with memory foam lumbar support is one of these features; an adjustable headrest and armrests are others. This makes Corsair T3 Rush competitive and attractive to buyers seeking an ergonomic desk chair.

However, like most chairs, the T3 Rush is not perfect. Some users complain that it squeaks and becomes uncomfortable after a few months of use. However, such negative customer feedback makes up only a small percentage. With its unique look and easy assembly process, this chair seems to provide good value for money.

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9.3Expert Score
The Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair in Canada

The Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair goes to the gamer renowned Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair. This model was designed with input from various professionals in the physical therapy, ergonomic design, and biomechanics industries. If you ask any gamers about this brand, you will immediately note the positive impression this gaming chair presents. This chair was designed to game on.

  • Enhanced Design
  • Customized Comfort
  • Even Pressure Distribution
  • Not Ergnomatic

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Key Features Of The Corsair T3 Rush Gaming Chair

1- Seat & Design

The seat of the T3 Rush is a soft Gray/White fabric with white stitching that has a stylish look without being overly flashy or hard on your eyes when playing in low light conditions like I do most of the time. It’s also quite comfortable even longer gaming sessions as it conforms to you while keeping you firmly seated and supported in the chair. The chair’s frame is made of steel and aluminum alloy, making it durable, sturdy, and lightweight.

The seatback of the T3 Rush gaming chair is well-padded to provide optimal comfort during long gaming sessions. The lower part of the seat is covered in a soft fabric that breathes easy and doesn’t trap heat against your skin when you’re seated for hours on end. This chair looks great in any space and has a sleek finish that will look especially nice in a modern office setting. Plus, it is very easy to clean. Should you spill any liquid on your T3 rush gaming chair, just wipe it off using a wet cloth without worrying about damaging the leather seating surface.

2- 4D Armrests

The 4D armrests are another well-designed feature of the chair that I really appreciate. They’re made of durable black plastic and have a soft-touch finish for comfort. The armrests are adjustable in height and can be moved in four directions (Up/Down, Left/Right, Front/Back, Swivel).

This allows you to make adjustments while sitting quickly, which I’ve frequently done as my arms tend to change position and become more or less comfortable as the gaming sessions progress. This adjustment works by sliding the armrest forward or back on tiny rails, moving it closer or farther from your body.

3- Adjustable Seat Height

The seat height is easily adjustable using a lever at the seat’s base. Simply move the lever up or down to raise or lower it. I’ve found this to be another area where this chair shines as it adjusts quickly, making switching between people who are different heights quick and easy. The adjustment travels smoothly on tiny rails attached to the chair’s base.

4- Adjustable Neck Pillow

The headrest comes pre-assembled and can be easily attached to the back of the seat. Just make sure it’s attached on tightly, and you’ll be good to go!

5- Lumbar Pillow

The memory foam lumbar support cushion of the corsair T3 Rush chair can also be attached to the chair’s back. The side you want facing your back is covered with soft fabric, while the outer side has a slipcover which gives it an aggressive racing look. I personally prefer to keep this off since I find it doesn’t add much in terms of lumbar support, and if I move around in the chair, it feels like it’s going to slide out, which is a huge pet peeve of mine.

6- Heavy-Duty 65mm Dual-Wheel Casters

The casters are some of the biggest I’ve seen on a chair, making it easy to move around as you like. The caster wheels are made of durable plastic and have a rubber grip over them for good traction and won’t scratch your floor if they’re accidentally pushed off track.

7- Polyurethane foam (cold foam)

The cold foam used in the seat is specially designed to conform to your body, providing extra comfort. It adjusts to your body’s natural curves for optimal support and reduces back pain from sitting at your computer for long hours. The cold foam is also more durable than the standard office chair type of foam and won’t break down over time as traditional seat cushions will.

8- Gas lift (Class 4 grade)

The seat is raised using the same gas lift used in most gaming chairs, which allows you to adjust it smoothly between your desired height. You can adjust the seat yourself by putting pressure on the metal bar between the armrests, and this enables you to move your chair forward or backward according to where you are more comfortable. I found adjusting it surprisingly easy and straightforward, something that I hadn’t really seen in any other chairs before.

9- Adjustable Back Angle

The adjustable back angle range on the T3 Rush chair goes from 90-170°. The chair must be in a reclined position when you adjust it back. This means that to change the angle, you must fully recline the chair and move it forward again when you want it to be more upright.

10- Weight Capacity:

This chair can support up to 264 lbs (120 kg) of weight without breaking a sweat, even when you’re continuously adjusting it.

11- Tilt Lock:

There is a lock on the left side of the chair used to lock it in the upright position. Simply push the button forward and lean back to lock it in place or push back when you want to recline.

12- Color Options:

This chair is currently available in three color options: charcoal, Gray/charcoal, Gray/White. All three colors look great and would fit well in any modern gaming or home office. 

13- 2-year Warranty: 

Corsair covers this chair with a limited two-year warranty upon registering the product within 30 days of purchase. If you discover any defects in the materials or workmanship during this time, Corsair will repair or replace your chair at their discretion and free of charge.


The Corsair T3 Rush gaming chair is an excellent buy for anyone looking to upgrade their computer gaming experience. It’s comfortable, affordable, and provides the perfect neck support for any gamer. Combined with its sleek appearance, these features make this chair worth checking out if you want a better gameplay experience without breaking the bank!

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